Vilnius Coffee Festival 2018

Vilnius Coffee Festival 2018 is the first coffee festival that has already become the biggest celebration for all coffee lovers. It is the first project that has gained importance and utterly different image, not only for regular attendees but also for the champions, who represent Lithuania in the major worldwide coffee preparation, drawing, and tasting competitions. The first coffee festival brought out of the Panorama Shopping Centre and re-branded from coffee days to the coffee festival, organized by us.  We managed the making over to a new taste and feeling that everything and everyone is only about coffee and real coffee lovers. We had about 24 coffee baristas participating in the championship, more than 30 booths representing different kinds of coffee and companies. We set the Educational Zone, Recreation Area, Catering Zone with Food-trucks, Barista’s Lounge for Special Festival Coffees.

Client and author of the idea: SCA Lithuania

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