Opening of Lukiškės Square in 2018

Reviving the Lukiškės Square – a well-celebrated and family-oriented event where everyone could find their corner and enjoy good music. And what about the fantastic and multifunctional dancing fountain run by Donatas Katkus himself? We created the event was created together with the Anonymous Workers Team. Not only we are making celebrations for our clients, but also we are cooperating with other exciting event agencies. We created a special day, dedicated to each and every guest and resident of Vilnius city. We had eight different spaces of activities, catering points, performances on stage.

This public event in Vilnius attracted about 7 000 people. In 10 different active, areas kids could play, learn martial arts, enjoy food truck food, talk to dog trainers, and see dog shows. Also, try new musical fountain, controlled by human gestures, and listen to an acoustic music show.

Client: ADK and Vilnius City Municipality

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